• Welcome Nanjing Golden Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Corporate Culture

            Golden Chemical has created a flat structure of organization that enables every individual to take responsibility for the collective: we communicate directly with one another, and we specialize in different areas.
            How are we striving towards this goal? Colleagues (rather than employees) are working in the overall field of work; under the guidance of the organizer (instead of the boss), we constantly deepen our understanding about goals and objectives while searching for projects that match our capabilities and for which we promise to take responsibility for. All these activities are carried out in a cooperative, open and friendly environment.
            Everyone trusts each other, thus making it easy to develop and implement projects. The organizer helps the colleagues develop organizational plans, so that they can both fulfill themselves and make their contributions to the company to the maximum extent. Leaders are appointed based on their abilities to influence and inspire others. By demonstrating their expertise, competence and experience, leaders emerge naturally while ingraining trust, confidence and cooperation more deeply into the company’s culture.
            Our colleagues must abide by four basic guiding principles:

            Be fair and square; treat people justly.

            Encourage, help and allow colleagues to gain knowledge, improve ability and expand the scope of responsibility

            Make promises that we can keep

            Consult colleagues for advice before taking action that may affect the company as a whole
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