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        Welcome Nanjing Golden Chemical Co., Ltd.

        Company News

        Our Household & Personal Care Division participated in the 14th CIMP

        Author:    Click:29    DateTime:2020-11-17 16:20:23

               During November 11-13, the 14th China International Cleanser Ingredients, Machinery&Packaging Expo (CIMP) was held at Hangzhou International Expo Center on the bank of Qiantang River, and our Household & Personal Care Division attended the exhibition at Booth A1607. 

              It had been more than a year since the closing of the last expo, and this exhibition is still packed with people despite the epidemic. 

               This year we exhibited "old" products such as Dow surfactants, solvents, defoamers, Nouryon chelating agents, IFF fragrances, etc. We also introduced new products such as oleochemicals from MUSIM MAS and fragrances for detergent laundry bead specially recommended by IFF. Despite of rising price of palm oils, our MUSIM MAS oleochemicals, with their competitive prices, have attracted many customers to stop by and inquire, and many new and old customers have placed orders directly on the spot. 

               The detergent laundry bead samples displayed on site were small, cute and delicate, featured by anti-bacteria, anti-acne, ultra-concentration and 8X clean, and with the addition of detergent laundry bead fragrance specially recommended by IFF, had attracted the attention of many customers. 

               IFF is the largest flavor and fragrance company in the United States,   and has the world's largest independent research and development center for smell and taste.  IFF's world-leading microencapsulation manufacturing process allows it to add 30% less microcapsules than conventional microencapsulated flavors on the market, resulting in production cost savings.  

               During the 3-day exhibition, we received thousands of new and old customers. In the future, we are willing to work hand in hand with all of you for joint development, let's say goodbye to Qiantang and meet in Nanjing.   See you in Nanjing in 2021!