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        Welcome Nanjing Golden Chemical Co., Ltd.

        Company News

        Show hard power! Golden Chemical participated in FILM & TAPE EXPO 2020 with Dow products!

        Author:    Click:33    DateTime:2020-11-23 16:27:09

               FILM & TAPE EXPO was grandly opened in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on November 19, and Pulp & Paper Division exhibited Dowsil release agents in Booth 1Y28, Pavilion 1. 

              This time, the products that Golden Chemical introduced to customers - Dowsil water-borne release agent and fluorosilicone release agent - have a wide range of applications, not only industrial release agents, but also food-grade release agents, mainly used in label, tape, electronic industrial release, industrial coil release agent, advertising supplies, window film, food, bakery and other industries.  Dow Chemical, with strong brand strength, attracted many new and old customers to inquire.

             At the venue, the booths were packed with visitors listening to the product introduction and inquiring, their enthusiasm lighted up the future of the whole industry.