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          In October of 2014, Nanjing Golden Chemical R&D Center, which is located in the Membrane Science and Technology Industrial Park (Building 9, Floors 4-5, No 1, East Huqiao Road, Nanjing), was established and put into use. The lab occupies an area of 850 square meters. As a solutions provider in the chemical industry, we invested an enormous amount of human and monetary resources: currently the construction of the R&D center has cost more than 4 million RMB, and from now on the operation cost is expected to exceed 1 million RMB each year.
          Nanjing Golden Chemical R&D Center has 5 laboratories and one special laboratory, including  Household & Personal Care laboratory, Textile & Leather laboratory, Coating laboratory, Cleaning, Metalworking and foam control laboratories (equipped with a separate material chamber), agrochemical formulations laboratory (equipped with a grinding chamber and a material chamber). The special laboratory, which includes two laboratories, is dedicated to the oil division. One is the Oil Integrated Laboratory (oil performance testing, formulation, analysis, etc.) and the other is the oil precision instrument room, equipped with a special oil sample chamber.
          Nanjing Golden Chemical R&D Center is complete with IVF cooling characteristics tester, particle size distribution analyzer, textile tie small car, cleaning spray test machine, infrared heat proofer, moisture meter, IKA homogenizer, IKA mixer, kinematic viscosity of petroleum products tester, TCJ elastic impactor, QBJ Cupping tester, QGZ-A linear drying time analyzer, MC-2000A coating thickness gauge and other instruments.
          The successful operation of Nanjing Golden Chemical R&D Center demonstrates Golden Chemical’s ability to provide better services for our customers, including analysis of raw materials testing, formula design, and efficacy evaluation.
          Please stop by and visit us at Nanjing Golden Chemical R&D Center! 

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